Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Post About a Saturday Evening....

Hooray!  The first Sunday in a while on which the Giants are guaranteed NOT to lose a game.  This week, in an effort to expedite their ineptitude they put losing on their schedule on Thursday night.  Thanks for thinking of us guys.  Much appreciated.  Actually, as a Giants fan who witnessed the Pisarcik fumble firsthand, I have yet to see anything this season that wakes up the echoes for me of the McVay/Arnsbarger era.  The definition of brutal football. 

I remember sitting in Giants Stadium on a particularly cold, rainy late-season Sunday as they flailed away against the Cleveland Browns.  For a moment it appeared as if they might actually win.  Late in the fourth quarter scat back Bobby Hammonds hightailed it around the left side and disappeared into the Swamps of Jersey like Hoffa himself for a touchdown.  Not so fast.  On the right side of the formation - about as far away from the play as Mount Holly is from Moonachie - the Giants bust of a high draft choice - John Hicks from (THE) Ohio State University did what he did best:  got called for holding.  Goodbye touchdown.  Hello old friend.  

I still vividly remember one other Sunday during the dark days before George Young's arrival as GM when season-ticket holders - protesting the ineptitude on the field - stood outside of the stadium and burned their tickets to that day's game.  As we walked past, I asked Dad who those men were.  "Idiots", he replied.  My old man had a gift for being succinct when he wanted to be unrivaled in modern history.  Right about now you are thinking that it skipped a generation; right?  Fair observation.  Very fair. 

While I know not how I shall spend my football-free Sunday, I do know how I shall spend next Saturday.  For those of you watching at home and taking notes this is what we call in the biz a "segue".  My high school Alma mater's annual Fall Fair/Homecoming is Saturday, October 19.  Truth be told I never seem to make there for the day portion of the program.  However, beginning at 4:00 PM a wonderful ceremony shall begin at which Awards will be given to various Alums and retired members of the faculty and individuals will be enshrined into the school's Athletic Hall-of-Fame.  This year I have a small role in the enshrinement ceremony.  I am a member of the Committee that selected this year's class and I shall have the great honor of presenting an old friend of mine, Tom Murray Class of  '86.  

If you have a connection to W-H and you can make it, you should.  Not for the people being honored.  Certainly not for me.  For you.  You shall be glad you did.  


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