Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

There is no need
Like the lack of a Friend.
- Irish Proverb

One's character is forged not in times of milk and honey but in times of strife.  Anyone can be the Prom King but having those around you upon whom you can depend when the chips are down and when excrement and air-moving implement have just about arrived at the point of intersection is an entirely different thing altogether.  One's strength in such times of crisis comes from within and from "without" - and more often than you might realize strength is willed to us by those who otherwise might appear to be strangers to us. 

Two Saturdays ago my beloved Buffaloes were scheduled to defend their home turf against the Fresno State Bulldogs.  Mother Nature had other ideas.  The Front Range of Colorado battled hard against historic rains while the folks in charge of such things at the two universities decided that their football teams could battle for gridiron glory some other day.  Had the folks from Fresno wished those of us in Buff Nation well and been on their way we would have thanked them for their good wishes and thought nothing else of it.  We are - for all intents and purposes - strangers to one another.  We run into each other every now and again but not with anything rising to the level of frequency. 

But the people of Fresno State did much more than simply wish Buff Nation well.  They rolled up their shirt sleeves and dug in to the "helping process" with both hands.  A week ago Friday Fresno State hosted their rival, Boise State, in a football game that was televised nationally on ESPN.  It was kind of, sort of a big deal.  Anticipating a crowd that would fill their home environs (Bulldog Stadium) to capacity, the Fresno State Athletic Department teamed up with the American Red Cross to raise money for Colorado's flood victims.  Fans were encouraged to bring donations with them to the Boise State game.  And bring them they did. 

Just the other day the Fresno State Athletic Department posted a photo on its Twitter account thanking all of those who responded to their call for help.   You may not realize it but if you are a person affected, directly or otherwise, by the recent floods in Colorado those faces you are looking at in this photo are the faces of friends.

Whether you ever meet them or ever learn their names is not important.  Those things did not stop them from thinking of you as their friend.  They should serve as no barrier to you doing the same.  

As always, Go Buffs!  Go Bulldogs too....and thank you for your willingness to lend a friend a hand in a time of need. 


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