Monday, September 23, 2013


Summer certainly went out on a high note in this neck of the woods.  I know that next year Rutgers will be a full-fledged member of the Big Ten Conference.  Yet, given State U.'s somewhat undistinguished history on the gridiron - their recent decade of success notwithstanding - those of us who are faithful, long-time fans watch most games with one eye skyward....awaiting the return to Earth of the other shoe. 

Saturday on the banks of the old Raritan Rutgers did something it had never done in its history.  It hosted a SEC football opponent.  Last year - on the same weekend as a matter of fact - Rutgers went to Arkansas and upset the Hogs on their home turf.  Three quarters of the way through Saturday's rematch it appeared as if Arkansas was going to return the favor.  Saturday's game started in the mid-afternoon and during the day time portion of the contest the home team was taking it on the chin.  Then, as the turn was made into the gloaming on the way to nightfall, something just this side of extraordinary happened.  Rutgers scored three touchdowns in the game's final fifteen minutes.  A 24-7 deficit was transformed into a 28-24 victory.  I mean not to embarrass him but I am quite confident that a certain RU alumni to whom I am related by blood had a "can't touch this" smile on his face for the remainder of the weekend. 

You may root for whomever your choose in Major League Baseball - although if you are the fan of a Marlins team owned by a confirmed sack of shit who has been proven both a liar and a thief then you deserve whatever you get - but you cannot deny that no team puts on a ceremony as well as the New York Yankees.  By the time I got finished listening to - and watching - the incredible pre-game ceremony I had almost forgotten that they were playing a ball game yesterday afternoon.  An incredible tribute to an incredible man. 

Summer went out 'round here not so much with a bang as with an ear-to-ear grin.  And today is not only the first full day of Autumn, it is the birthday of the Poet Laureate of Freehold.  Pretty nice start to the season I must say. 


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