Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Randomness and Other Adventures in the Great Unknown

I was in court for most of the day on Monday.  My ability to follow the breaking news of the grotesque act of cowardice perpetrated upon the men and women who work at the Washington Navy Yard was limited to snippets of stories I was able to read on my phone.  The people who earn their living protecting us should be safe at home - including the campus they call home.  Monday's events reminded us that they are not. 

Irrespective of your political affiliation, your thoughts as to the role and size of the American military, our next potential escapade in Syria, your thoughts and good wishes should be with the men and women murdered and the men and women injured on Monday, all of whom was doing nothing more or nothing less than their job.  Keep them and keep their families in your thoughts and - if you are someone who believes in such things - your prayers as well. 

The only pleasant element of the latest Lost Weekend in Boston for the Bronx's Best Apostles was the top-notch sendoff that the Red Sox gave to the one and only Mariano Rivera.  Kudos to everyone in the Sox organization for a presentation that was both humorous and touching. 

I care not what MLB team you root for - although if you are an Astros fan a mental status exam might be in order - you should squeeze all you can out of the final two weeks of a career the likes of which you are not likely to ever see again.  I have been watching baseball for most of my forty-six-plus years.  Mo is not only the greatest at his position that I have ever seen, he is an original.  The esteem in which he held between the lines is surpassed only by that in which he held off of the field.  There shall likely be no October in the Bronx this year.  That saddens me a little because it means that there shall likely be no mo' Mo entering from the bullpen to save the day.  

As a Yankees fan, I know what he means to me.  Sunday night's tribute in Fenway Park reminded me what he means to fans of baseball....even those who do not root for the Yankees.  Oh - and if you do not think Big Papi is one of the best souls playing in the Big Leagues, take a gander again at the video of the Sox tribute to Mo and check out who is pumping the crowd up to make a lot of noise.  Actually watching the ceremony made me think not only about the great playoff clashes the Red Sox and the Yankees engaged in once MLB added the Wild Card but - also - how long it has been since they have clashed.  Between 1999 and 2004 they battled three times in the ALCS - with the Yankees winning in '99 and '03 and the Red Sox rallying from three games to none to win in '04 on their way to winning their first World Series in 86 years.  2004 was close to a decade ago.  Where has the time gone?  

Time has gone where time always goes - right past you too damn fast.  Especially if you are a little boy with a death sentence.  I hope that whatever you have on tap today you can steal a minute or 5:10 to learn the story of Creed Campbell and his best buddy Casper.  In a world where cowards gun down people at their place of work, you might find yourself in need of a reason to look - glance at least - towards the bright side of Life.  Here goes your proof....

See you tomorrow.


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