Saturday, September 14, 2013

One More Reason to Believe

Next year the football program at Rutgers University takes the next step in its seemingly eternal quest to be considered "Big Time" when RU officially joins the Big Ten Conference.  Pay no attention to the fact that with RU in the fold - joined as it shall be by ACC emigre the University of Maryland - the Big Ten shall actually have fourteen members.  No one associated with the Big Ten appears to care.  Therefore you should not.  Neither should I.

This afternoon - while playing its second home game of the season - the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers University shall indeed enjoy a "Big Time" moment.  If a university in these United States has a better, more inspiring face of its football program than does Rutgers in Eric LeGrand, then I am unaware of it.  This afternoon, Eric LeGrand's #52 shall be the first uniform number retired in the history of Rutgers Football.  The very first.  

On the field at Rutgers Stadium this afternoon, before his Alma mater takes the field against Eastern Michigan Eric LeGrand shall have yet another well-deserved moment.  There are those no doubt - the cynics among us (in whose company I can usually be found) - who shall claim that LeGrand is being honored solely because of the paralyzing, spinal cord injury he suffered during a game against Army several Octobers ago.  Respectfully I believe their cynicism is misplaced.  Eric LeGrand is being honored today far more for what happens every day than for what happened on one gray October afternoon.  He is being honored for the man he is much more than simply for the player he was.  He is being honored because his perseverance is an inspiration.  He is a source of strength and of hope to far too many to count.  

A well-earned honor for an outstanding young man.  Keep Choppin' Eric.  Keep Choppin'....

....and congratulations. 


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