Sunday, September 29, 2013

Measured Steps

One World Trade Center
T2T Day 2010

On September's final Sunday in 2010, shortly after we emerged from the PATH Station on our way to the first Tunnel to Towers Run in which I ever participated, I took the picture above of One World Trade Center.  Construction was well under way but to an untrained eye such as mine, the finish line appeared very, very far away.
In 2011, we returned to lower Manhattan on September's final Sunday to participate in the 10th annual Tunnel to Towers Run.  That year - like this year - we actually invaded the City on Saturday afternoon and made a weekend of it.  On our way back to our hotel from dinner we passed through  Zuccotti Park.  A couple of the members of our traveling party had grabbed seats on a bench - simply wanting to sit and relax for a minute or two - when my eyes spotted more uniformed members of the NYPD assembled than I have ever seen in a non-Parade situation.  The "Occupy Wall Street" movement was in its nascent stages and the officers in riot gear did not appear inclined to allow it to mature and to ripen.  At my rather emphatic direction, our group got the hell out of there.  As it turns out, less than five minutes after we left the area the NYPD entered it and arrested scores of people. 
While in town for Tunnel to Towers '11 I managed not only to avoid arrest and incarceration but also to take an "annual update" picture of One World Trade Center.  It struck me then as it does now just how much of a difference one year made.
One World Trade Center
T2T Day 2011
It was my great honor to return to lower Manhattan again last year - on September's final Sunday - to participate in the 2012 Tunnel to Towers Run.  The Missus and I were day-trippers last year.  She is an incredible sport my wife.  Sunday is the only day of the week on which she kinda, sorta can sleep in and on this particular one I rocked her out of bed early enough that we were in lower Manhattan by 6:15 in the AM, and were walking from the PATH Station to our rally point to meet Jeff and Gidg when I took this picture of One World Trade Center, which again revealed to me just how much one year's time can change something
One World Trade Center
T2T Day 2012
At some point I shall add the annual update 2013 edition to my T2T gallery but just in case you are curious as to how much progress has been made towards completion of One World Trade Center between last September and today, the final Sunday of September 2013 then I invite you to look at the utterly gorgeous aerial photo that Tom Kaminski of WCBS 880 in New York took on September 10, 2013 while flying over lower Manhattan
Aerial view of One World Trade Center &
9/11 Memorial taken from Chopper 880
(Tom Kaminski/WCBS 880 AM)
Today is the fourth consecutive year that I shall run in the Tunnel to Towers Run.  Again this year the Missus shall be there cheering me on and cheering on all of the amazing people one sees and meets at this event.  Again this year Gidg and Jeff shall run with me - with the latter, a volunteer firefighter, doing what many of his brothers and sisters shall do today:  running the entire race wearing full turnout gear.  It is true that the face of lower Manhattan has changed considerably in the four years since this day became a date of indelible importance on my calendar.  But it is also true that what this day is all about is far more than new construction or race ribbons.  This day is about constants:  Love, Strength, Perseverance, Hope, Courage, Honor and Faith.  Values that never, ever have gone out of style.... 
....and values that can never be broken.  Not even in the face of mass murder and the deaths of innocents.   Thousands shall gather today to once again "Follow the Footsteps".  Footsteps that shall never fade from sight as long as we never forget. 
And I assure you, we never shall....
T2T Run - September 2011




The Omnipotent Q said...

I'll be running today too, Adam. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on today. Enjoy the race.

Adam Kenny said...


What a tremendous day. I hope that you enjoyed the hell out of yourself too!