Friday, September 20, 2013

Autumnal Men

Summer's final breaths are upon us.  Today is the last Friday of the Summer of '13.  Time passes so fast that I know not what strikes me this morning as more extraordinary:  that it was slightly more than one year ago that Suzanne and Ryan became engaged or that it is already two weeks since they were married.  Both events have hurtled past me with alacrity. 

The end of the MLB regular season shall be upon us by this time next week.  Mercifully, the season ends in the Autumn this year as it does every year.  It therefore allows the incomparable Mariano Rivera one final Autumn in which to ply his craft.  Unlike just about every season that preceded it, this season does not appear to be in which Mo's itinerary shall include not merely Autumn games but October ones as well.  Hell, there has been a time or two when saving November games has been an item on his "To Do" list.  Alas, not this year.  

May your schedule permit you the chance - if you are as I am a fan of Doubleday's game - to spend a minute or two these next eight or nine days watching Mariano do what it is he does.  As I watched the Yankees lose Tuesday night in Toronto, it occurred to me that when sunset beckons at season's end Rivera might not be riding off into it alone.  I suspect that his long-time teammate and good friend Andy Pettitte shall saddle up alongside of him.  While Derek Jeter is too stubborn and too proud to join them off of the non-season he has had - regardless of whether he can run from here to the end of this sentence without hurting himself - I would not be surprised to learn that the Siren's Song of the sunset has at least reached Jeter's ears as well.  He will likely return to wage at least one more year's worth of war against the ravages of Time.  One more year from Pettitte, however, would surprise me immensely.

You get reminded very quickly about the vagaries of time and the rapid movement of Life when an athlete for whom you have cheered since he was a very young man retires.  You are reminded that it is not just the men being watched on the TV who get older, who slow down and who perhaps lose a step.  It happens to all of us.  

Autumn is, has been and shall likely always be my favorite time of the year.  I know not why exactly but it just has.  For reasons that I cannot explain and shall not attempt to explain it has always seemed to me to be kinda, sorta Summer's older brother.  Frivolity may be the order of the day in the Summer but in the Autumn, earnestness is.  Crazy?   Perhaps.  Just one man's perspective.  Nothing more.  Nothing less. 


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