Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Sole Remaining Sixth

Today is the sixth day of August.  This is the sole, remaining 6th.  It is the final one standing between present day and Suzanne's wedding day.  From this day forward to "THE DAY" the unit of measure employed to quantify how much time remains before the wedding shall change.  Up until today the time had been measured by use of the "month".  "Month" no longer applies.  From this point forward it is rapid descent from weeks to days to hours to....

....to her wedding day.  As a father, I never soared much beyond the not-quite-dizzying heights of mediocrity.  However, I love my daughter far more than I shall ever have the ability to adequately express.  I could blame it on genetics for I am my father's son after all but the blame for any inadequacies in that area rest squarely upon the shoulders of the fellow whose reflection stares back at me in the bathroom mirror every morning.  Not upon the shoulders of a shadow who died - as it relates to Suzanne - more than a lifetime ago.  Dad died a half-decade before she was born. 

I have but one hope for her wedding day - well two actually.  I hope it is a day that goes smoothly - to the extent that such affairs run smoothly - so that the event-related stress she feels is kept to a bare minimum.  Moreover I hope that even if it is a memorable day for all in attendance that it proves to be for Suzanne and Ryan not "THE DAY" but simply "Day One of Many....".  The first step of a journey they shall walk together. 

Come what may.


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