Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Hurty-Girty Man

Feet on the floor this morning feeling fairly optimistic about the day ahead.  The Missus and I are beach-bound today.  This morning I am running in what is one of my favorite summer events, the Sea Girt 5K.  If form holds - and we follow the pattern we have embraced each of the past three Augusts - then shortly after the finish line has been successfully attained we shall retire to the very conveniently located Fratello's for a well-earned post-race adult libation.  When you run in Jersey in the heat and humidity of August, rehydration is of the utmost importance.  'Tis my story and sticking to it, I am.

Presuming the weather holds, the plan as I understand it (upon completion of the rehydration process) is to spend a bit of quality time simply doing not a damn thing in 'Squan.  It is stunning to me that we have already arrived at August's first Saturday and this jaunt marks only the fourth time all summer that my lungs have enjoyed breathing Jersey Shore air.  Perhaps while we are in 'Squan we shall do a bit of advance recon in the house-hunting game.  Might be a tick or two too early for that but we shall see.

Whatever is on tap for you and yours today, I hope you enjoy it.  

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