Saturday, August 17, 2013

Moving Daze

I happened to glance over at my beautiful 2013 CU Alumni Association wall calendar yesterday morning - this month's photograph is of a building I am fairly confident has been built in the quarter-century AM (After Me) - Eaton Humanities.  Given that I recognize neither the name nor the structure, it either did not exist while I was an undergrad in Boulder or I failed to notice it even one time over the course of eight semesters.  Sadly, given the course I plotted during my college years, a descent to a level of incoherence that would enable a whole building to disappear - while unlikely - is not entirely beyond the realm of possibility. 

In addition to the aforementioned building of intrigue, August also is significant in that it identifies August 26 as the first day of classes.  Among the ever-increasing number of things I do not recall about CU-Boulder in the latter half of the 1980's was the fall semester starting on the final Monday of August.  Again, given that my class attendance was "sporadic" - particularly during my first couple of years - it is entirely possible that classes have always started as early as they are starting this year.  Candidly, I think that is something I would in fact remember.  In my defense, the classes I missed in college were missed not because I did not know I had them on my schedule but because I opted to spend that time doing something else.  I would laugh about it now but given the career corner I deftly painted myself into through my less-than-clever decision-making, it would appear as if the joke is on me. 

I see the commercials on television and the inserts in the Sunday newspaper promoting "Back-to-School" sales for students of all ages - from moppets to college students - and I find it difficult to recall in great detail much about my own experience with it, first as a kid and thereafter as a parent.  I remember moving Suzanne into her dorm room at Seton Hall her freshman year.   She had enough "stuff" with her that a TV 12 news crew stopped by to record it and to chat briefly with her.   In a miracle worthy of inclusion in the next edition of the Bible, everything she had brought with her ended up fitting into her cell-sized room.  How I do not know.  All I know is that it did. 

I remember pulling the daily double the following summer - spending the morning/early afternoon moving Rob into his room at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan in advance of his freshman year at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and then spending the late afternoon/evening of that very same day moving Suzanne into her first off-campus digs.  We had not intended to perform both insertions on the same day but given that Suz only made her decision to join five other girls in an experiment in what became an unmitigated disaster as we were emerging from the Lincoln Tunnel onto Dyer Avenue, it just worked out that way.   

It occurs to me as I write this that both of those days happened so long ago that they feel as if they happened to someone else - in a different lifetime.  Those two young collegians have covered a lot of ground - both literally and figuratively - since they took their tentative first steps as college freshmen.  And each has much more ground to cover and many more very important steps to take.  I am looking forward to those to come as much as I did those they took way back when. 

Although I am too old to have to carry heavy shit up flights of stairs. 

Next time, I am holding out for a strictly supervisory position.


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