Monday, August 19, 2013

Main Street's White-Washed Windows

Summer returned to these parts yesterday as I knew it would.  It was not a brutally hot day by any stretch.  It was however one of those thick August days we get 'round here.  A day more gray than not.  A not entirely atypical August Jersey Sunday. 
A pleasant enough day for a run.  Having only gone about six and one-half miles on Saturday I wanted to put some more significant mileage on my legs.  Humidity notwithstanding, I was able to accomplish my goal.  A nice, solid eight miles.  Felt terrific. 
You see a lot when your feet are your preferred mode of transportation.  A lot.  Life comes to you differently when you pass by it up close and personal as opposed to when you view it through the window of a moving automobile.  As I run throughout the little town where we live I see a great deal.  And a considerable portion of what I see distresses me. 
Ours is a little town that has what appears to my eye to be a disproportionately high number of "For Sale" signs on its residential properties and "For Rent or Lease" signs on its commercial properties.  I realize that the mere fact that someone's home is for sale does not necessarily suggest that trouble has arrived in River City.  The Missus and I sold a home here 'NTSG earlier this summer.  However the fact that there are a number of several streets over which I run in which there are several homes clustered together that are all for sale does concern me more than just a little bit.  In those pockets of town, it is as if an "Abandon Ship!" alarm has been sounded and neighbors have decided as a group to move to the closest lifeboats. 
More troubling to me is the perpetually high vacancy rate of the commercial properties throughout our little 'burb.  The purported commercial/industrial heart of Middlesex is Lincoln Boulevard.  There are buildings and stores up and down Lincoln Boulevard that are vacant now - and have been vacant for several months.  A number of them have been vacant for more than one year.  Far too many of them in fact.  
I have little skin in the game here 'NTSG.  I am already on borrowed time here.  My deal with the Missus was that the sale of our home and the consolidation of our household into Joe's was the first of a two-step process.  If everything goes according to Hoyle, by this time three years from now I shall have another postal code.  But I hope that for those folks who shall continue to call it home, that it shall still bear at least a resemblance to the place they have come to know and love. 


Anonymous said...

Three (3) years is just enough time for one (1) term as Mayor :)

Adam Kenny said...

I think the good people of our little town have suffered enough from elected incompetence. No need to inflict my special brand of it upon them.

Besides, if I have learned anything from the perpetual, Quixotic campaigns of Ron Paul it is that no one can win an election while receiving ten vote or less. :)