Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jersey Guys

While the weather was not entirely cooperative yesterday - the Missus and I cut our trip to the Shore due to a post-race rainstorm - it did not put a damper on the 2013 edition of the Sea Girt 5K.  A terrific event put on by the folks who inhabit one decidedly resolute Jersey Shore town.  This year's was the 22nd annual and the fourth one in which Gidg and I have participated. 
It did not rain at all during the race and - all things considered - the conditions in which we ran were the best that we have encountered in the years we have taken part.  I did not win.  Huge surprise I know.  But I did sneak across the finish line just under twenty-five minutes.  A satisfying effort.  Also, this year the race raised money for a worthy cause, as it does every year.  This year's cause is the Restore the Shore effort.  Here is to hoping that by this time next year all that needed to be restored has been. 
Hundreds of miles from Sea Girt, a Jersey guy finally had his long overdue moment in the sun last night.  The 2013 class for the NFL Hall of Fame included Giants coach Bill Parcells.   I know that "Tuna" coached a number of other teams after he left the men of Mara Tech following the 20-19 upset win over the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl but for me - he shall first and foremost always be the Giants coach. 
And he will always be a Jersey guy.   I am partial to Jersey guys.  Go figure.

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