Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beat the Clock

The "Countdown Clock" is now at "T Minus Sixteen Days".  This time next week the Texas Tornado makes her final pre-wedding landfall here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  Her final flight home as a single womam.  When she arrives one week from now, here is where she shall stay through the wedding.  The flight back to Texas in a couple of weeks will be the first one she takes as a Missus.   Pretty heady stuff.

My role in all of the wedding preparations has been very limited.  Margaret and I joke that I am "Chairman of the Finance Committee", which is only a half-truth.  Everything else has been coordinated either by Suzanne in Texas or Margaret here at home.  Their tag-team approach has been helped along by the efforts of Suzanne's trio of bridesmaids.  Ashley, Jaime and Nicole have all been invaluable contributors.  And the simply jaw-dropping artistic designs for things that - at gunpoint - I would not have known were part of one's wedding and/or reception are Deb Stair's labors of love.  Deb has stepped into the breach on more than one occasion.  Her generous contribution of the dual gifts of her time and her talent has been nothing short of extraordinary.  I smile thinking of all that not only Suzanne and Margaret - supported by their lieutenants - have achieved in putting together what shall be not only the singlemost important day of our daughter's life to date but also what promises to be one hell of a shindig.  

Other than making sure to arrive not later than 4:00 PM on "The Day", my contribution to the wedding preparation is all but over.  On my way home tonight I shall pick up my new suit, expertly tailored.  To put the tailor's mind at ease the day I purchased it I reminded him that I knew that what I was paying him to perform were alterations and not a transubstantiation.  Annie Sullivan he is not.  No miracles are expected.  

I am quite confident that I shall not be disappointed.  

I rarely am....


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