Friday, August 16, 2013

August and Everything After....

We're getting older and older, and older
And always a little further out of the way
You look into her eyes and it's more than your heart will allow
In August and Everything After,
You get a little less than you expected, somehow...
-Counting Crows

Here in the State of Concrete Gardens we are waist-deep in August.  A month of the year known in these parts with varying degrees of affection as "the Dog Days".  August in Joisey can feature weather so hot and so humid that a bead of perspiration forms on your upper lip as you are closing the refrigerator door.  Today represents the first day of the back half of August.  I own neither a farm nor an almanac.  I will not pretend to know (although I reckon I could) what has been forecast to come our way between now and September 1.  I would be willing to wager however that at least one last spate of 90/90 days is ahead of us.

For all of its infernal fury, August is also the summer month most likely to throw in a change-of-pace day or two every now and again.  Much like R.A. Dickey and his dancing knuckleball or Rip Sewell and his Eephus pitch, it is something not alike at all the company it keeps.  Wednesday was just such a day.  An absolute jewel of a day.  A day with a decidedly autumnal vibe.  And as the sun faded in the western sky, the air carried with it something rarely packed in its saddlebags on its summer vacation:  a slight chill. 

It proved to be a glorious evening to be outdoors.  I went for a run and then spent a bit of time in the back yard with my trusted canine companion Rosalita simply breathing in the fresh, crisp air.  Autumn has been my favorite time of the year for the entirety of my life.  I love the change of seasons.  I enjoy college football, NFL football and the World Series.  And when I played sports in high school, my favorite sport to play was soccer, which was a fall sport.  When you are fair-skinned, prone to burn instead of tan and a bit of a pudgeball, Summer is a season you like (for all of its obvious attractions) but Autumn is a season you love.  

For just a little while on Wednesday night, sitting with Rosebud in the back yard, doing absolutely nothing, I felt the promise of Autumn.  I picked up its scent in the air.  While the scent was faint and it was fleeting, its presence was felt.  And it was welcomed.  For all of the things I love about Autumn, this year I add something else to the mix.  Suzanne's wedding happens on September's first Friday.  While I am aware that her wedding day arrives slightly more than two weeks before the Equinox, I am cheating (call it "Exercising Paternal Prerogative" if you will) and including it this year on the list of things I love about Autumn.     

And were you lucky enough to be wearing my shoes, you would be doing likewise. 


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