Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekus Interruptus

Today is the first of two Fridays for me this week.  Well, kind of sort of I suppose.  The Firm is closed tomorrow in celebration of Independence Day.  However on Friday the 5th we are open for business.  Also honoring the spirit of the day I suppose.  I do not pretend to know which other law firms are open and which are closed on Friday.  Hell I do not even know whether the Missus has to get up for work on Friday. 
I know that the New Jersey state courts are open for business.  Ought to be one damn happy bunch of State employees in the courthouses Statewide on Friday.  Think I will pop by one or two in the early afternoon just to take the temperature of the folks in the building.  That is #2 on my to-do list.  #1 is wait for the hair to grow back over my lobotomy scar. 
As soon as #1 is in the "Done" pile off I am for a Friday visit at a local courthouse!
Speaking of visiting, if your plans for the 4th of July shall take you (and yours if you have 'yours') on the road or in the air in furtherance of your celebration, please be careful getting from Point A to Point.  Wherever you are going, it shall be there when you get there....whether you arrive as scheduled or a bit behind schedule due to traffic and such. 
It is a holiday.  Remember? 

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