Monday, July 22, 2013

Up For Air

Yesterday was a nice change of pace day for the Missus and me.  As anyone who has moved can attest, it ends up being an all-consuming process.  Whether we realized as we were going through it I know not, but it ended up being just such a process for us.  It was as if everything from mid-May forward revolved around either moving or preparing to do so.
Friday afternoon was the closing.  Saturday morning we spent several efficient hours emptying the Pack-Rat storage unit in which we had packed up 57 Delaware and deposited its contents into their new locations at our new digs.  When the unit was empty - our move was officially completed. 
Saturday night we went to dinner to celebrate having made it through the process.  Actually, one does not need any particular reason to take a ride over to Raritan Boro to eat at Uncle Vinnie's Clam Bar.  The food alone is worth the trip. 
Sunday was a day of relative rest and relaxation.  I started the morning by going for a six-plus mile training run.  Thereafter the Missus and I just spent the remainder of the day doing "stuff".  It was nice - for the first time in a couple of months of Sundays - to have such a Sunday. 

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