Saturday, July 13, 2013

To Reach the Beach

It is almost utterly incomprehensible to me that we have arrived at July's mid-point already.  The summer that feels to me as if it has not actually started is in fact burning daylight fast. 

Today the Missus and I shall make our first sojourn to the Shore since Memorial Day weekend.  I am participating this morning in my favorite masochistic summertime activity:  the Belmar Five, which is a five-mile road race.  It shall take place this morning in conditions akin to those which have existed each of the past three summers in which I have participated in it:  heat and humidity.  It is Jersey in July after all.

I look forward to this event every summer because of the physical challenge that it is.  I also look forward to it because it gives Margaret and me a chance to spend a bit of time afterwards just relaxing with Gidg, Lynne and my unbelievably fleet-footed old high school comrade Jerry Della Torre.  But for the fact that we retire to Bar A post-race for some "rehydration" I would not see Jerry at all since he completes the five-mile course approximately eight to ten minutes faster than I.  I could close the gap on him if he would agree to carry me - even for just a mile or two.  To date, he has not warmed to that idea.  Go figure.

However your Saturday is to be spent I hope it is a good one.  A hope that I have for the Missus and me as well.


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