Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday Night Load Lightening

I do not necessarily the notion that with age comes wisdom.  Some of the wisest people I know - including but not limited to my nephew Patrick who is 31 years young today - but also to Suzanne and Rob - are significantly younger than I am.  Speaking only for myself, with age has come....well, age.  And gray hair.  And ever-creakier and noisier joints.  Wisdom?  Not for me to say.
However as I have gotten older I have come to appreciate the importance of having something to do - other than the thing you do to earn your daily bread - to occupy your mind and to keep you sharp.  And more importantly - to bring you peace.  I write because it is an exercise that is both cathartic and therapeutic.  I run for essentially the same reasons.  Neither running nor writing is relaxing.  But both are soothing.  Cleansing if you will.  Both offer me the chance to clear my head.  The chance to get lost in something else altogether.
A couple of summers ago I started taking a more active interest in cooking.  Well, not cooking as much as grilling.  What started as something to take the burden off of Margaret - having to not only decide what to make for dinner but handling the preparation of it - has morphed into a third, full-fledged way for me to cleanse my mind.  I not only enjoy doing it - I need to do it.  My work week starts more smoothly on Monday morning if I have spent Sunday afternoon and evening in the pursuit of food preparation.  I have no delusions of grandeur.  While I am enthusiastic about it, I do not mistake enthusiasm for excellence.  Nor effort for aptitude.  Although in my defense, no one ever complains about what I cook.  And none of my charges has yet starved to death.  That counts for something I suppose.
Full bellies.  Clear mind.....
....We'll deal with that later.

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