Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Staying Within the Navigational Buoys in a Sea of Assholes....

It is worth remembering - and I am as guilty of forgetting it as anyone and everyone else is - that while everyone else views us through their own eyes, the person we should strive the hardest to please and to not disappoint is the person whose face stares back at us in the mirror every morning.  

Life is hard business - irrespective of the color of your skin, the fatness of your wallet or the manner in which you spend your day-to-day.  A certain percentage of your time is to be spent in the company of good people.  People who you admire.  People who you trust.  People who you love. 

And if you are truly blessed, people who love you too. 

Inevitably a certain percentage of your time is to be spent in the company of assholes.  People who you do not admire.  People who you do not trust.  People who you most assuredly do not love.  People who you do not trust as far as you could hurl them.  And people whose aerodynamic properties you would very much like to test out.  Just for shits and giggles. 

You cannot - and should not - let the assholes get you down.  Negative energy is easy to generate.  It can be significantly harder to resist.  Do all you can, though, to do so.  Every day if necessary.  It takes work to be certain.  But the reward is worth the effort.   



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