Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mission Impressive

There are - I am sure - more inhospitable climates to run in than Jersey in July.  However at approximately eight thirty yesterday morning - as 2600 runners lined up facing south on Ocean Avenue in Belmar - in the hot soup that was the weather - I could readily have conjured up any number of them to put on my list of places  I would rather have been.  Yet I did what we all did.  When the gun went off, I ran. 
I covered the five-plus mile course (my Garmin GPS recorded the race distance as 5.04 miles) in 42:30.  I had hoped to run a bit faster - something closer to 40 minutes was my stated hope when I woke up yesterday morning - but I will take eight and one half minute miles back to back to back to back to back for a five mile race in the conditions in which we ran yesterday.  My friend Jerry Della Torre had an excellent run - covering the course in slightly less than 35 minutes.  Amazing stuff.
But the day belonged to a young man whose parents are good friends of Margaret's.  Travis Mahoney - 22 years young - blazed to the win in less than twenty-five minutes.  Five consecutive miles in extreme conditions and each one run in less than five minutes.  Thanks to his dad Joe telling us pre-race that he was in the field and shooting to win Margaret positioned herself at the finish line and captured Travis just as he reached the finish
and then again just after he crossed it
I spent about fifteen minutes trying to Photoshop myself into the finish line photos.  I simply could not figure it out.  Just as well.  Had Travis seen me right behind him in the picture, he might start inviting me to run with him. 
Neither my heart nor my knees could possibly pull that off.

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