Thursday, July 11, 2013

King Crab & The Mid Summer Nightmare

I do not wish to be drummed out of the corps of fans of the Great American Pastime but I am a baseball fan who finds everything associated with the All-Star Game to be utterly tedious.  Worst of all is the Home Run Derby, which is such a fucking buzzkill it makes my hair hurt.  Whoever in the world of ESPN thinks allowing that unimaginative dolt Chris Berman to repeat the phrase "It's back, back, back!"  7,518 times during the course of the broadcast, which lasts close to 100 hours is a good idea needs to have a big-screen plasma TV forcibly inserted into an orifice of a viewer's choice.  It is almost enough to make one look forward to watching the game itself the following night.  Almost. 

This time next week baseball will be awakening from its Mid-Summer Slumber, which this year will be observed at the Mets' new(ish) ballpark - Citi Field.  As we move into the middle of July the Yankees are still hovering around contention for the AL East lead and one of the two Wild-Card spots.  Given that their roster features a number of players whose names were not only unfamiliar to me thirty days ago, they were to Joe Girardi and Mariano Rivera as well, their relative success this season has been quite extraordinary.  As painful as some of their games are to watch - as the erstwhile Bronx Bombers often spend a week at a time trying to string together wins while scoring at a robust one run per game clip (last night being the exception that proves the rule) - I am already looking forward to watching the resumption of their regular season against the Red Sox at the Fens far more than next Tuesday night's silliness in Flushing.

I am hopeful that whoever is in charge of such things - I presume that the squads will be managed by Bruce Bochy and Jim Leyland since their teams won their respective pennants last year - will select Matt Harvey of the Mets and Leyland's ace du jour Max Scherzer to start the game.  Harvey has been nothing short of phenomenal for New York's "other" baseball club this season, he is a huge New York Rangers fan and - as the ace of the Mets' staff - he is the star pitcher for the team that is hosting the game.  Scherzer is undefeated thus far this season.  He took a no-decision on Tuesday night but remains perfect at 13-0.  Scherzer just might be one of the easiest players in baseball for whom to root.  Go here and read the story of him, his brother Alex and the relationship between the two that has transcended everything - including death. 

In a season where the Lords of Baseball - having moved the Houston Astros to the AL from the NL - had to construct the artifice of interleague play EVERY EFFING DAY simply to ensure that every team can play every day they should give up the bullshit about "This Time It Counts".  For the past decade or so, the representative of the league that wins the All-Star Game is awarded home-field advantage in the World Series.  Seems fair right?  The 1998 Yankees won 114 games in the regular season.  Yet had the present rules been in effect in 1998, their right to home-field advantage in the World Series would have been wholly dependent upon the result of the All-Star Game and not upon the fact that their opponent in the Series that year, the San Diego Padres,  won sixteen fewer games.  Makes perfect sense....

....especially once the hair grows back over your lobotomy scar.



The Omnipotent Q said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Adam. All I care about is the All-Star Game. Everything else associated with it, Celebrity Softball Game, Home Run Derby, etc. is just filler. The fact they shove that idiot Berman down our throats every year makes missing it easy. And enough with the "this time it counts" malarkey. We KNOW it does!

Adam Kenny said...

Well said Q. Thanks for popping by.