Thursday, July 4, 2013

Go Fourth....


In the event you awaken this morning in these United States dissatisfied - even to a degree - with your place in the Universe or with your lot in Life and feeling as if the World owes you something, then I invite you to consider this.  You awaken this morning in a free nation.  A nation governed by duly elected individuals.  I get it - Hammerhead - that you may have voted for "the other guy".  So what.  Armed men have not descended upon your home and carted you and/or your loved ones off to confinement somewhere for doing so; right?  Your personal liberties have not been unjustly circumscribed because you have been identified as a member of "the opposition; have they?  They have not.  They shall not. 
Life is not so idyllic everywhere.  Do not feel constrained to take my word for it.  Go to your local travel agent and book a summer sojourn to Egypt.  Just be certain to pack your track shoes for in Cairo these days the "Run for Your Life" light is in a permanent state of illumination these days. 
Happy 4th of July America.  Remember - today is not simply a day off from work.  It is a celebration of what it means  - and more significantly - what it takes to be an American.  Independence came at a price two hundred and thirty-seven years ago.  And it is a price we must be ready and willing to pay today.  And every day. 

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