Monday, July 1, 2013

Creatures Great and Small....

Was saddened to see news that my brother Kelly posted on-line the other day regarding the fact that he and Linda (his wife) might well have to say goodbye to a beloved member of their family today - their 13 year-old dog Tali.  If you own now or have ever owned a pet then you have empathy for what he and Linda are going through.  A dog or cat comes into the home, becomes engrained into the fabric of the family and when his or her life ends it rips a hole in your heart.  If today is the day they shall bid Tali farewell, this day shall suck for them.  Not a damn thing can be done about it either.  They simply have to endure it.  And it sucks.
I cried harder holding my fourteen-year-old Shetland Sheepdog Shelly in my arms when Margaret and I made the impossible decision to put her down after she was stricken with congestive heart failure than I have at any funeral I have ever attended.  As someone who buried his own old man when I was fourteen, I appreciate fully just how much of a prick I may be for feeling that way.  I mean what I say.  And I say what I mean.  I prefer animals to human beings.  Every goddamned day of the week. 
Prior to rounding up the posse and searching the thicket for a sufficiently sturdy branch to which you want to affix the hanging rope, consider this fact.  Shawn Custis belongs to our tribe.  Not to Tali's.  Not to Shelly's.   Custis is a thug.  A coward.  A piece of human dreck.  HUMAN dreck.  Cast your lot with that fuck if you choose.  Not me.  Not today.  Not ever.
I prefer a far different traveling companion....

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