Monday, July 15, 2013

Built to Last

I'm proud of the house we built.
It's stronger than sticks, stones, and steel.
It's not a big place sittin' up high on some hill.
A lot of things will come and go but love never will.
Oh, I'm proud.
I'm proud of the house we built.
- Brooks & Dunn
I think we have finally reached the end of the process.  The process of getting all of our stuff - treasures, trash and otherwise - out of our soon to be former home.  The Missus and I spent our Sunday morning in the blast furnace that 'NTSG has been since July took up residency on the calendar gathering up the final last car loads of items and bringing them to our new digs.  One never realizes just how much stuff one has until one has to pack it and move it.  Then one realizes that one has more than he or she ever could reasonably anticipate using or needing.  In this lifetime or the next. 
I shall miss our old digs.  A lot of life was lived within those four walls.  It is not accurate to say that Suzanne and Rob were raised there.  They were not.  We moved there in the summer of 2000, shortly after Rob graduated from OLMV.  They spent their high school years there - and then Suz spent her college years, the year she took off from academic pursuits after college and before she started work on her Master's, her Master's years and the first year-plus after she achieved her Master's there too.  Rob last lived there close to ten years ago.  He came home from New York City only during the summer following his freshman year at John Jay.  "His room" existed far longer in theory than it ever did in actuality. 

Even though it is not the home in which our kids grew up it is a place in which we marked a number of milestone events in each of their lives.  Lives that have now led them several hundred miles away from the place of their birth.  Lives in which they are thriving. 

Nice thing about a strong foundation.  It permits expansion.  And growth.


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