Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birds In The Air

Yesterday was THE DAY.  Suzanne and Ryan's wedding was T Minus 60 Days away as of yesterday.  Holy smokes.  Sixty days.

Margaret spent Sunday night sitting in the kitchen with Gidg putting all the stuff that goes inside an envelope that contains a wedding invitation.  I am not trying to be deliberately obtuse.  I dd pay attention when Margaret told me what all of the inserts are.  I just find it impossible to keep track of them.

Yesterday was the day that Margaret mailed out the invitations.   And suddenly this process got a bit more real for me.  When we were in Houston in October I saw a photo of Suz wearing a wedding gown, which Margaret took while they were out shopping together.  That served as my initial wake up call.  Yesterday was the latest in the series.  This is indeed going to happen.  My little girl is getting married.

The birds are in the air.  And it is indeed a beautiful thing.


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