Thursday, July 18, 2013

As The Moon Traces its Arc With No Regrets

Twenty-one years ago today - on what was (or at least felt as if it should have been) a historically hot day in Vermont I played a most exciting one-off gig.  I was the Best Man at the wedding of two of the best people I know:  Dave Joy and his bride Christine.  
Humility prevents me from recounting the historic heights to which my performance as Best Man soared.  A cynic might point out that I was so good at the job that no one has ever sought me out for an encore.  Not once.  Not ever.  Perhaps the sight of my name next to the words "Best Man" is simply too much for the world at large to bear. 
Cynics be damned.  I would point out that twenty-one years later the Joys have a house full of their namesake.  They have grown from a duo to a family.  
That was one hell of a toast.  If I do say so myself.
....and since no one else will, someone had to.  Right?
Happy Anniversary Dave and Christine!  I do the toasts.  I leave the music to another Jersey boy.

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