Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aloha Stella!

"Things turn out best for the people
Who make the best of the way things turn out."

- John Wooden

I have it on good authority that the Wizard of Westwood and my sister Kara never crossed paths at any time prior to the legendary coach's death slightly more than three-plus years ago.  Yet, in the seventeen words above, he described Kara so perfectly one might be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the two of them belonged to the same car pool or coffee klatch or some such thing. 

Today is Kara's birthday.  Happy Birthday Stel and Aloha!  Today is a milestone birthday.  This year's birthday is the big 5-0.  

I know not what her plan is for the day but I hope it is something fun and - entirely out of character for her - something at least a little bit selfish.  She has certainly earned it.  I reckon that as long as she spends at least a portion of it in the company of her "guys" - her husband Russ and their three sons R.J., Randy and Jordan - it will be a most happy day.  As it should be. 

Kara has always been a marvel to me.  She has the ability to search for the good in everyone and everything, which ability I have never possessed.  When the three of us were significantly younger than we are now - and were going to school together - Jill and I never ceased to be amazed at her willingness to fight her way through the darkness to reach the bright side of something or someone.  Her attitude was a revelation and was so far removed from either mine or Jill's that both of us used to tease her that she had to have been adopted or the milkman's kid or some such thing.  Not since the gang from Monty Python had anyone devoted so much time and effort to looking for the bright side of life.

And childhood ribbing aside, it is an attitude that has served her well.  A remarkable human being - my sister.  Has never done another a bad turn.  Has never borne a grudge against one who has done her one.  As good a soul as has ever inhabited our little 3rd rock from the Sun.  

Happy Birthday....

....wish big!



Geneva said...

Well said! I've known Kara for just a year and I've already witnessed her amazing spirit! Her attention to the details sometimes drives me nuts but that's what makes Kara, Kara :) She always looks for the best in others and I am honored to know her. Happy
50th! ~G~

Adam Kenny said...

Thank you for stopping by Geneva and thank you for the kind words re: my sis. Much obliged.

Melissa said...

I don't think there is a more perfect way to describe Ms. Kara. She was once, and always be, a very important person in mine and my son's lives! Happy Birthday to one of the most remarkable people we have ever been blessed to know.

Adam Kenny said...

Melissa - thank you for stopping by. Nice to hear your kind words re: Kara. Not a one of them is a surprise to me. All the best - Adam