Monday, June 10, 2013

Transitions and Other Sacramental Whines

The rains of the latter part of the work week ceded the spotlight to some truly beautiful early Summer weather (I know the Solstice is still more than a week away but by week's end we will be at June's halfway point so in my mind, it is Summer) over the weekend.  Early yesterday morning I ran throughout the streets of my not-by-my-choice pseudo-hometown.  A warm morning to be sure - even though I completed my seven-plus mile jaunt before 8:15 - but still a terrific one on which to  run.  Then yesterday afternoon the Missus and I joined a number of her relatives at a Christening.  If I understand the principals involved correctly, the little tyke playing the part of the cruller is the great-grandson of Margaret's aunt, Auntie Ann.   Baby was dunked.  Grandparents and great-grandparents cried appropriately.  I averted a lightning strike.  All in all, a good visit to an alien environment for Yours truly. 
We are inching ever closer to selling our home.  Interest in it has been high since it hit the market on Memorial Day Weekend.  If everything goes according to Hoyle, then we will be out of attorney review by day's end today.  While in my experience Hoyle is a fickle prick who tends to appear in a timely manner only infrequently - due in part no doubt to the fact that he permits his idiot cousin Murphy drive the car - I am keeping a good thought that he shall not disappoint me here. 
Once one has decided to sell one's home, happiness is seeing an "UNDER CONTRACT" sign replace the "FOR SALE" sign.  If on my way home tonight I stop by my erstwhile home and see the former where the latter has been since Memorial Day, I shall not be an unhappy camper....
....well not about that anyway.  Fear not.  I have every confidence that I shall find something else to piss me off. 

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