Monday, June 24, 2013

The Sounds of Summer

If the amount of sweat that poured off of me - first on Saturday evening and thereafter on Sunday morning - was any indication then summer's first weekend did not disappoint.  The Missus and I had a terrific time on Friday night catching up with some old friends, including for me my dear friend Mr. Guinness.  I spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning bidding him farewell.  Thirteen miles in the Jersey heat and humidity will do that just fine - thank you very much.

I have taken to leaving my iPod at home when I run through and around my adopted hometown.  I prefer to absorb the sounds (as well of the sights) of the neighborhoods I traverse as opposed to music.  Especially this time of year. 

I read often about the ills that plague the kids of America:  too much television, too much time on the computer, too much texting, too many video games, etc.   Today's children are overweight, unhealthy and afraid to breathe in outside air.  That is what we are told. 

Beware the man who speaks in generalities.  While all of those things may be true - at least to a degree - everywhere, my favorite thing about running through our little town is the sound of kids doing....stuff.  This weekend alone I ran past kids playing Wiffle Ball, shooting hoops, bike riding, playing catch, swinging on playground swings and just walking around.  Plenty of kids just being kids.  And the prevalent sound they were making?  Laughter. 

A simply terrific sound.  One of the sounds of summer.


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