Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Score

Stood there boldly
Sweatin' in the sun
Felt like a million
Felt like number one
The height of summer
I'd never felt that strong
Like a rock

- Bob Seger

Twenty years.  It is a measure of time that sometimes feels as if it has passed by in an eye-blink.  It is a measure of time that sometimes feels as if it has passed as a considerably slower pace.  It was twenty years ago - on this very day - under a scorching hot June sun that Margaret and I were married.  I was twenty-six years old.  At 11:59 that morning I was a bachelor.  At 12:30 that afternoon, I was a husband and father of two.  The mere utterance of two words "I do" and everything changed. 

Margaret is the great miracle of my life.  I say that with neither a hint of exaggeration or a scintilla of embarrassment.  I have the life I have because of her.  Had I not met her when I did, I doubt very much that I would still be here tap-dancing across and around the Big Blue Marble.  I was merely alive when I met her - going through the motions of my day-to-day.  In the two decades since, I have lived.  Every day. 

Our marriage is the great mystery of my life.  Among the many emotions that occupies a slot outside of my range is humility.  I do not do self-effacing particularly well either.  I spend a considerable amount of time alone - in the car, when I run and in the wee small hours of the morning each work day.  During those alone periods, copious opportunity presents itself to think about things.  Two decades after she said, "I do" I have yet to figure out what benefit she enjoys from this union.  As I get older, I have learned to ask that question with less frequency. 

By the time the marital odometer turns TWENTY-ONE YEARS this time next year we shall have borne witness to both of our children - neither of whom is in fact a child any longer - experiencing their own wedding day.  Suzanne and Ryan shall be wed in a bit more than two months.  Thereafter, in early June 2014 Rob shall marry Jess.  Once upon a lifetime ago, Suzanne and Rob were tiny tots seated on either side of me on the Tilt-A-Whirl at Jenkinson's.  Margaret took a photograph of the three of us seated in our car, waiting for the ride to start. 

I still have that photo in my office.  When I look at it, it makes me smile - and not only because in it I have nary a gray hair on my head or in my beard.  I smile because it affords me a glimpse back down the road we traveled to reach this particular point in time.  And when I think of what each of them has accomplished thus far, both professionally and personally, it makes me happy to have been there to witness and to participate in their journey - albeit to the limited extent that I did.  Two remarkable young adults.  Each crafted in their mother's image - irrespective of to whom either may bear a resemblance. 

Happy Anniversary Margaret.  It has been - for me - a most remarkable twenty years.  I love you with all my heart.  Always will. 

Twenty years now
Where'd they go?
Twenty years
I don't know
Sit and I wonder sometimes


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