Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random (A)musings

Speaking only for myself, I found it hilarious to read just the other day that the former Governor of Alaska/former GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin is returning to the fold as a commentator on the Fox News Channel.  Perhaps it is just me but upon reading that announcement the thought of water seeking its own level jumped to the forefront of my mind.  Faux Squared Redux.  Perfect.

I am sure that the good people of Alaska were relieved to learn that it was that particular former gig and not the one that impacted their lives far more profoundly to which she has scheduled a return.  While I have never met him, I can say with some confidence that at least one Alaskan of whom I know will sleep better for her having made this choice.  Parenthetically - if you do not read Stonekettle Station (click the link above to get there), then you should.  Whether you agree or disagree with what appears there, it shall make you think.  And more often than not it is damn funny too. 

Something that is not funny at all - in fact remembering from whence it originated provokes much anger - but singularly breathtaking also caught my attention this week.  A photograph was posted on-line on various social media sites, which photograph was taken by a Delta Airlines Captain, Jerry Walsh, apparently during a flight early last week.  The picture captures just the very top of the new World Trade Center as it rises (defiantly perhaps?) through the clouds.  It is a building whose very existence would have been unnecessary but for the existence of Evil.  It is a building that serves as a reminder to those who did that Evil and who continue to traffic in it worldwide that there is a substantial difference between being knocked down and being knocked out. 

One of my all-time favorite comic strips is/was Calvin and Hobbes.   About a month or so ago, I was sitting in a courthouse waiting around to argue a motion or some such thing and I started flipping through an orphaned copy of The Star-Ledger.  Mother Goose and Grimm is among the strips that now appears in that paper on a daily basis.  And on this particular day, its creator Mike Peters paid homage to Bill Watterson's classic tale of a boy and his stuffed tiger in a way that not only made me smile, it prompted me to tear the strip out of the paper and put it in my wallet.  I had forgotten I was carrying it around with me, which speaks volumes about the infrequency with which I pick up a check I reckon, until just the other morning.  It still makes me smile. 

And speaking of things that bring a smile to my ever-aging face.  Yesterday afternoon/last evening, the young men and women who comprise the 2013 graduating class of my high school Alma mater, the Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison, New Jersey, crossed the thresold from students to alumni.   Although twenty-eight years ago, there were two members of the graduating class who shuffled off to become (University of Colorado) Buffaloes - which made me realize just how old my long-time classmate Steve Ashton must be - CU has popped up on a disappointingly infrequent basis in the almost-three decades since as a college destination for WH graduates.  This year, however, the WH Class of '13 includes a member of the CU-Boulder Class of '17.  I do not know young James Berry but I wish him well as he prepares for his own great migration West.  Go Buffs!

....and as for the rest of us - just go.  Enjoy the day.  There is nothing else to see here.


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