Friday, June 7, 2013

Miles and Feet

Tuesday was "Hug Your Cat Day".  Wednesday was "National Running Day".  If you were foolhardy enough to combine those two activities then today may well be "Updated Tetanus Shot Day".  Enjoy.  If no one you know sends you a card, take no offense.  They are, after all, hard to find. 

While one had nothing to do with the other, I celebrated National Running Day (and truth be told Hug Your Cat Day too) by breaking in my new running shoes.  About eighteen months ago I bought - entirely by accident - a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 7's that I intended to be my back-up pair of running shoes.  In relatively short order they elbowed (or heeled I suppose) their way past my #1 pair of shoes and into the lead spot in my rotation.   It is self-evident - or it should be at least - that for anyone who runs distances greater than from here to the end of this sentence and/or who runs with a frequency that shall ensure one is never mistaken for a cicada or Halley's Comet the most important part of one's running gear is one's shoes.  You can really, really do damage to yourself if you are wearing bad shoes. 

My Wave Inspire 7's were the first Mizuno running shoes I had ever owned.  I literally ran the heels off of them because I used them so much.  They carried me through two marathons, two or three half-marathons, countless shorter distance events (5K to 5 Miles) and too many training runs to count.   A good, solid pair of shoes. 

Being my father's son I am as parsimonious as the road is long.  I am also terminally resistant to change.  As my faithful companions approached the end of their life, I started the process of trying to replace them by finding another pair of them.  Anywhere.  I did Google searches for them.  I consulted every on-line running equipment site I could find.  I perused the black market.  Bubkus. 

Finally, after much trepidation and after coming to grips with the fact that when one can see the road through one's running shoes (and they are not Vibrams) it is time to replace one's shoes, I broke down and bought a new pair.  As a self-acknowledged slave to sameness, since I could not find Mizuno Wave Inspire 7's anywhere, I did the next best thing - I purchased the model of shoe that replaced them....the Wave Inspire 8.  As a self-acknowledged cheapskate, after obtaining their bona fides on the Mizuno site I purchased them....on-line at at a savings of about 40%. 

They fit beautifully.  And at $62.88 rather than $110.00, they are beautiful to boot.  If they serve me half as well as their predecessor then I shall have gotten more than my money's worth.  And if they do not then I will simply have to pull my old 7's out of the closet. 

You did not think for a moment that I disposed of them did you?


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