Thursday, June 27, 2013

Men For All Seasons....

In case you missed it, Monday brought the 2012-13 hockey season to a close.  A season that almost never got started finally ended eight days AFTER Father's Day.   Nothing says hockey season quite as much as ninety degree daytime temperatures. 
Truth be told, had the Rangers made it a bit farther than Round One Plus One Win in this year's playoffs, then I would have cared far less about the seemingly endless post-season.  Maybe next year - in honor of the 20th anniversary of their most recent Stanley Cup victory - the Blueshirts will celebrate by hoisting another Cup.  They will have a new head coach - having hired the recently-fired Alain Vigneault to a five-year deal to replace the recently-fired John Tortorella....who was hired on Tuesday in Vancouver to replace Vigneault.  Two teams disappointed by the way their seasons turned out....hired each other's most recent "not successful enough" Head Coach.  Hmmm....
Hockey's end put a wrap on the North American professional sports season - coming as it did less than a week after the NBA season concluded.  I might be the wrong person to take up his cause - given the fact that had the Spurs and the Heat played for the NBA Championship in my back yard I would have drawn the blinds and shut off the lights - but is there not a Statute of Limitations for the haters to get off of LeBron James' back?  The knock on him cannot be the quality of his play in a big spot.   When the chips were down for his team in Game Six and Game Seven, he took over each game and led them to back-to-back wins.
Presumably those who still pack wood for him do so because of "The Decision" to sign a contract with Miami when his contract with his home-state Cleveland Cavaliers expired when the 2009-2010 season expired.  Really?  He is an immensely wealthy young man who opted in his twenties to escape Ohio for South Beach.  Should he have waited another fifty years to move from the Rust Belt to Florida like the rest of the people who live in Ohio?  F*cking get over yourselves Ohioans.  Or at the very least - speak the truth.  What pissed you all off is that three years after LeBron left Ohio you still had to endure that assh*le E. Gordon Gee as the President of your The Ohio State University. 
On second thought, I would be pissed off about that too. 
And I have never even lived in Ohio.

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