Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Magic Nights and Cold Truths....

Show a little faith
There's Magic in the night....

-Bruce Springsteen

Today is a day that for folks who devote what I hope is nothing other than an insignificant portion of their day to popping by and checking out whatever insanity occupies this space may very well have a bit of an "inside baseball" feel to it.  Those who think it does would indeed be correct.  It does indeed.  If you find yourself at this moment leaning forward in eager anticipation awaiting the arrival of my apology, then you shall go on today profoundly disappointed.  

One of the single-best persons I know is celebrating a birthday today.  I am fortunate that the direction my life has taken has permitted me to be somewhat of a tag-along friend to her.  She and my wife have been great friends since they were in grade school.  For all of my abrasiveness, I have managed in twenty-plus years of knowing her to NOT alienate her.  Given my chart-topping skills in that regard, it is no small achievement I assure you.    

In addition to my wife, we share a deep affection for all things Springsteen.  There are not a lot of people who I know whose depth of knowledge regarding his music is such that I can feel while engaged in a conversation with such a person on that particular subject as if I wandered over to the discussion from the Kajagoogoo section of the record store.   Lynne is one such person.  Margaret and I have had the pleasure of being in Lynne's company at too many Springsteen shows to count - and on the Devils and Dust tour Lynne and I went to one show by ourselves at which we combined our efforts to accurately assess (and time) the damage wrought by Springsteen's interminable cover of "Dream, Baby, Dream", a song that was originally performed by a band named Suicide.  If a more aptly named outfit has ever patrolled the radio airwaves, I am unaware of their existence. 

There are days when Life treats us less fairly than it should.  And it treats us far worse than we deserve.  If the world we inhabited was perfect, then such things would not occur.  If the world we inhabited was fair, then such things would not - at the very least - occur in or about at the same time as our birthday.  Unfortunately, our world is neither perfect nor fair.   On a day that falls squarely in the middle of a period during which she and the stellar group of folks she calls her family have had more placed on their plate than mack dab in the middle of her and the great group of folks she calls her family having more upon their plate than that which they should ever have been asked to bear I hope that she takes at least a moment to breathe in deep and enjoy her day.

Perhaps this shall help....

....I hope it does.



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