Saturday, June 1, 2013


First things first.  Today is the birthday of an extraordinary young lady:  my future daughter-in-law Jess.  This time next year we shall be merely days away from the nightcap of our day-night (split-ticket admission of course!) wedding doubleheader, which is Jess and Rob's nuptials.  As a parent, your hope for your children as they become adults is that they find peace in their day-to-day life.  Jess has helped Rob significantly in that regard.   For that reason alone, she occupies a spot high up on my list of favorite people. 

The Missus and I moved three weekends ago.  Timing being everything, our change of address came in the same month as my New Jersey Driver's License expired.  Here in New Jersey we have a fairly involved and (I think) extremely helpful system in place that explains what one needs in terms of identification when one ventures to a MVC office to obtain and/or renew one's Driver's License.  A significant amount of the information - as one might expect - requires you to produce proof of your current address. 

Just three weeks or so into the great relocation experiment, there is scant little paper record of my change of address anywhere in officialdom.  Therefore I anticipated that I was going to run into a bit of a jam when I went to MVC to obtain my new license.  I did not.  At the suggestion of my wife, I popped into the Somerville MVC office at a little after 3:00 PM on Thursday afternoon - nothing like waiting to the last minute - to obtain my new license.  I was there for less than fifteen minutes and walked out with my new license, which features a photograph so satisfactory that I was tempted to request a couple of 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 copies.  That is a lie of course.  I have a face for radio and given that the very nice woman who helped me had a camera - and not a magic wand - the photo on my license, unfortunately, looks like me. 

The most intriguing part of my entire MVC experience was that prior to taking the photo for my new license, I was offered the chance to simply have my old photo transferred onto my new license.  Not wanting to be taken into a back room and cudgeled I did not ask why - presuming one's Driver's License is one's "go to" form of identification - the State of New Jersey offers its drivers the option of putting something other than the most up-to-date, current photograph on that identification.  I also did not ask whether four years hence when I must obtain a new Driver's License I shall have the option to have either the 2009 version of me OR the 2013 version of me grace that space as opposed to the 2017 version.   I hope not.  I hate to think that in the world in which we live - where people swipe one another's identity at a breakneck pace - the State of New Jersey requires its licensed drivers to renew our licenses every four years but permits us to display on those licenses a photograph that may be as much as eight years old.  Somewhere I suppose Dorian Gray is smiling.  Perhaps.  

While I might hate to think about it, I do not have to think about it at all for approximately another four years.  And if history is any guide, I shall not in fact give it any thought whatsoever until we reach Year Three, Day 364....


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