Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today marks the final Wednesday of June.  By this time tomorrow Suzanne and Ryan shall be home.  Friday night is the rehearsal for Nicole and Jason's wedding.  Saturday is their big day.  My wife and daughter each have a supporting role in Saturday's festivities.  Luckily for all concerned I do not.

Tonight is graduation at Middlesex High School.  I know not how many Blue Jays make up this year's flock of graduates. I know exactly one by name AND  sight.  My sometime running wingman Ryan Jones shall earn his diploma tonight.  A good young man albeit one with an odd rooting interest (at least for NFL purposes) I have known Ryan since he was just a little dude.  

Adulthood beckons.  Time will tell how high he shall soar. Tonight he prepares to leave the nest.  Time to fly solo.  I .have every confidence that if he maintains his, his ceiling is limitless.


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