Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Weather Girls....

The girl child arrives in the State of Concrete Gardens tomorrow.  On this journey home, Ryan shall accompany her.  Saturday is Suzanne's bridal shower.  Presuming Ryan won whatever coin toss they had in Texas before jetting East, he shall spend his Saturday afternoon as I shall - doing something other than attending the shower. 
The Missus has already informed me that my presence is not requested at the event.  Well, it is not requested while the event is on-going.  It is requested at the end of the event to help gather up whatever "stuff" needs to be transported from the restaurant to our home.  It is "Moving Day Redux"!   Methinks however that in the interest of keeping everyone sane, we shall proceed without the assistance of the crack crew whose services we employed this past Saturday. 
This marks another visit during which Suzanne shall be in New Jersey for a concentrated period of time, which period of time shall be almost wholly occupied by all things wedding-related.   That of course means that I shall see scant little of her.  That matters not even a little.   All that matters to me is that she and Margaret shall have the opportunity to mark a milestone moment in both of their lives. 
And they shall do it together.  The way that it was meant to be done. 

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