Monday, May 20, 2013

The Never-Ending Process....

It was good to see the girl child's smiling face when the Shower People invaded our new homestead after Saturday's festivities.  Her mother and her longtime friend and bridesmaid Ashley worked tirelessly for the past few months in an effort to ensure that Suzanne's bridal shower was a day she would love and perhaps even remember for a long time to come.  Based upon the early reviews, mission accomplished.
Saturday brought Suzanne's bridal shower here 'NTSG.  Sunday Mother Nature chipped in with a number of her own.  Since the rain was steady - but not particularly heavy - it was perfectly suitable running weather.  Although judging by the looks on the faces of the people who drove by me in their cars as I ran a brisk 5.33 miles through it, my opinion on the subject was decidedly the minority point of view.  No matter.  Running is, after all, a singular pursuit. 
This week promises to be another hectic one at work, which is never easy.  In light of all of the work-related insanity, I am pleased albeit not surprised that one week into our "better living through everyone under one roof" experiment the footing on the home front is a bit better than it was one week ago.  At some point, the feeling of feeling like an idiot due to not knowing where anything is located within the four walls of my own "home" shall subside.  It has not yet.  Soon I hope.  Eventually I know. 
By week's end a "For Sale" sign shall be affixed in the front lawn of our now-former home.  Here's to hoping for a quick sale.  The money shall be nice.  The closure shall be even nicer. 
Just another baby step.  One foot in front of the other.  Living is a hell of a lot like running.

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