Friday, May 24, 2013

The Law of Life

Change is the Law of Life.  And
those who look only to the Past or
Present are certain to miss the Future.

I am a creature habitually resistant to change.  I am not an uneducated man.  Nor am I an ignorant man.  I understand and appreciate the need for change.  Nevertheless it has historically made me very, very uncomfortable.  Typical for most humans of the species (at least those who I know) I tend to avoid those things that make me very, very uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, because my over-sized melon head contains what purports to be at least a reasonable facsimile of a brain, intellectually and intuitively I recognize change's importance.  Acknowledging it and embracing it are not to be confused however with opposite sides of the same coin.  At least, not in my experience.

But change we must and in my little part of the world change we have done so indeed.  Today represents a not insignificant step in the metamoprhosis of Adam.  Today is the day on which the "For Sale" sign gets affixed into the front lawn at 57 Delaware.  While it is a position I hope it does not have to occupy for too long a period of time ("Daddy needs money for a down payment on a house at the beach"), its placement today marks the beginning of the end of my relationship with a place that I have loved since Margaret and I first walked through its rooms, which we did in early April, 2000.  At the moment the "For Sale" sign is removed from the lawn, its removal shall signal the official uncoupling of it from me.  That is a moment that shall be tinged with more than a modicum of sadness.  Well for me anyway.  Truth be told, I doubt the house will experience any emotion whatsoever.

As we sat with Connie - Margaret's long-time friend and our realtor - in our new kitchen on Monday night going over the particulars of the listing, Margaret brought out her "57 Delaware Avenue" book, which contains receipts for all of the substantial work completed in the slightly less than thirteen years we called it home.  I must admit that I was pretty damn impressed with our efforts by the time she completed her review of them with Connie.  I knew that Rob and Suzanne had experienced the second half of their childhood and the initial stages of adulthood under its roof.  I had forgotten that they were not the only two who grew while we called it home.  We all did..... our house.


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