Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prepared To Meet Any Challenge

”The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Thomas Jefferson

Today is the third Saturday of May.  It is Armed Forces Day.  It is the day whose creation President Harry S. Truman championed - envisioning as he did the designation of a day on which, we the people of these United States, would take a moment to thank our service members for their service in support of our country.  A single day.  Administrative Professionals have a whole week.  Someone get Alice on the horn please.  We have passed through the looking glass entirely.

While I lacked the fortitude to do it, various members of my family - cutting across generational lines - have wore this nation's uniform.  They have done so both in times of peace and in times of war.  Mom's brothers John and Jim were both in service during the Korean War.  Uncle John was sent to Korea to fight.  Uncle Jim was sent to Arlington, Virginia to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  My oldest sib - my brother Bill - served in the Air Force (thankfully during a time of peace) is exotic locales such as Greenland before being sent to West Germany.  But for his service he might not have ever had occasion to go to West Germany, which is where he met, fell in love with and married Sigrid and which is where he and Sigrid had their two children.  The Kenny Family's European branch office might never have existed but for Bill's service to our country.  Evan's younger daughter, Heather, who in my mind's eye is forever fourteen years old, served as well.

Margaret's Great Uncle Pat - who was her Mom's uncle - served in World War II.  He was killed in action.  If you visit the WW II Memorial in Washington, DC (and you should) you can look him up on the information kiosk.  The photo that the Memorial has is one that Suzy B. sent to them in honor of Uncle Pat.  On her Dad's side, Joe's older brother Andy Bozzomo also was a World War II veteran.  Uncle Andy was in the Army and spent time in Italy and in Africa.  He too is among the WW II veterans whose information can be perused at the Memorial.  Margaret's Uncle Mike - her Mom's younger brother - is a veteran also, having served during peacetime.  

To the members of my family who have served this nation and to the members of your family who have done and/or continue to do likewise, I say "Thank you".   Enjoy your day.  You have damn sure earned it. 


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