Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pilgrims' Progress

A three-day weekend that was - in many respects - an anomaly for me.  Far more often than not I spend at least half of the Saturday and half of the 'holiday' at the office.  I did not do so this weekend.  And I think that not only shall the Republic - and the Firm - survive but that I just might be a better man for it.
Saturday morning marked the kickoff of the summer racing season, which for me shall be markedly less involved than it has been in summers past.  Even with my reduced commitment to racing, I commenced this Memorial Day weekend as I have for each of the past three summers.  I participated in the Spring Lake Five, which is one of the nation's largest annual five mile races.  Unlike last year, when all of us baked in eighty-plus degree weather, this year's race was run in forty-five to fifty degree weather and under overcast skies.  The irony of many of my fellow runners griping about the race-time conditions as we lined up at the start preparing to run beneath a banner proclaiming that we the people of New Jersey are "Stronger Than The Storm" was not lost on me.  I am certain that I was not the only one who appreciated it.  
As it has been for me each of the past three years, the Spring Lake Five was a lot of fun.  Margaret braved the less than ideal elements to provide support for Gidg and me.  While I did not see my old friend Jerry Della Torre (a hazard associated with running the race in approximately eight and one-half minutes more time than it takes Jerry to complete it) I ran into my law partner Arnie Gerst post-race and one of my old law school classmates, Colin Quinn, before we started.  As it turned out I ran a bit faster this year than I did last year.  Nowhere near fast enough to end up on the winner's platform but more than fast enough to work up an appetite for my free, post-race Jersey Mike's sub.
The Missus and I spent most of the rest of the weekend continuing the process of getting out of our old home and settled into our new one.  While it is most assuredly a work in progress, progress is what we are making.  We had hoped to have our soon-to-be-former home ready for showing by our realtor by this time next week.  It turns out that we are going to be several days ahead of that schedule.  We spent a sizable portion of Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning doing what we could to make that a reality.
If you know anyone who is in the market for a four bedroom, Center Hall Colonial in suburbia, then invite them to call Connie's office.
Operators are standing by.    

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