Sunday, May 5, 2013

Me and Del Were Singing....

Fairly busy morning on tap for my old bones today.  I shall be up and out the door by not later than 4:30 this morning to trek south to Monmouth Park.  Have I finally been entered in a stakes race you ask?  No.  Monmouth Park is the gathering point for the New Jersey Marathon and its shorter related event the Long Branch Half Marathon.   After having competed in the Marathon each of the past two years, this year I am taking part in the Half.  The trade off for only having to run half as far is starting really, really early.  Gun time for the Half is 6:30 AM but I have to be parked in a lot at Monmouth Park not later than 5:30 AM.  Happiness is running 13.1 miles at dawn's ass crack following a forty-plus mile drive?  Today it is. 

Brave women running all over New Jersey today.  First and foremost is my running companera Gidg.  While I have already paid my marathon penance this year - or at least 77% of it - she has not yet done so.  Thus this morning while I am ambling through the relatively easy distance of 13.1 miles she shall be kicking ass and  taking names in the Marathon.  I would be a significantly better runner if I was half as tough as Gidg.   The Missus is not trekking south with me today.  That fact, coupled with the fact that the Half begins ninety minutes earlier than the Marathon does and takes less than half as long to complete ensures that I shall not see Gidg complete her mission today.  Nevertheless I know that she shall conquer this event this year just as she has each of the past two years.  

Meanwhile, running a much shorter distance albeit for a tremendous cause this morning at the South Mountain Reservation in West Orange shall be a lot of brave women - and men too.  This morning is the 6th Annual Race for the Cure sponsored by the North Jersey chapter of the Susan G. Komen organization.   If you - or one you love - is battling breast cancer and/or has battled breast cancer, then this is an event (irrespective of the ever-shifting political bent of some of the folks at or near the top of the Komen food chain) that you hold near and dear to your heart.   According to their web site, Governor Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, are the honorary chairpersons of this year's event.  Way back when in 2009 when Sue's Crew took part in the South/Central Jersey Chapter's Race for the Cure for the first time, then-Governor Corzine was among the runners.  As much as I admire and like Governor Christie, I doubt highly that he is lacing up his Asics Kayano-19's this morning.  No matter.  

The great unknown variable in outdoor running is - of course - the weather.  Today, the Mother of them all, Nature, has served up beautiful weather in which to run throughout the State of Concrete Gardens.  Here is to making the most of it....


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