Saturday, May 11, 2013

Looking for a Place for His Mouth to Shoot

Moving Day is upon us.  By day's end today, the Missus and I shall no longer call "Home" the place that we decided upon together would be the one in which our children were raised and in which milestone events such as birthdays, graduations, homecomings and bon voyages were feted.  Come nightfall, we shall live no longer in the place that we leaped for joy at having found thirteen years ago after what had been an exhaustive search.  When head meets pillow tonight, the point of intersection shall be at a place altogether different from where that meeting has taken place nightly since July 1, 2000. 

It is what it is.  One door closes as another one opens.  Or some such thing; right?  

As he often does, Declan Patrick MacManus sums up this day's emotions quite nicely.  And far better than I could ever hope to....

....for home most assuredly is not where it used to be.  


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