Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lines and Tracks....

It appears as if most of us - both the bipeds and the quadrupeds - have made it through the first couple of days of "the move" in fairly good stead.  Rosie was part of the first wave - coming with Margaret and me when we were in the hunkering down process on Saturday.  She spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening working her way through shell shock.  By mid-afternoon Sunday she was settled in fine.  Two things inured to her great benefit.  

First, Sunday afternoon 'NTSG was simply beautiful.  She spent most of it sleeping in her brand new, sun-soaked back yard.  Second, the new house is all on one level.  Rosie spent the first five years of her life learning now to negotiate a full flight of stairs to get from our first floor to our second.  Happiness for my dog is NOT having to walk up and down stairs.   I suppose a third thing factored into her settling in so nicely on Sunday to her new environs.  I grilled rib-eye steaks for Mother's Day.  Our address may have changed but Rosie's job as First Assistant/Official Taster of all grilled foods has not.  Happiness for my dog IS medium-rare rib-eye steak.  

Neither Dempsey nor Boo, our two cats, had left the house in an automobile in close to a dozen years.  Needless to say, each reacted to the chance to take a Sunday drive in Margaret's car in a manner somewhere south of euphoria.  Dempsey went full-out hysterical.  He screamed from inside the cat carrier as if he was being brutalized.  His claws are sharper than I realized - as evidenced by the blood-drawing gouges he left in both of my arms and by his ability to slice through a Breast Cancer Awareness rubber bracelet that I wear on my right wrist....or more properly that I wore on my right wrist.  Dempsey went "Ginsu" on it and created a second one for me without my even having to ask.  Unfortunately the old saw about a coach who claims he has two starting quarterbacks not actually having any applies with full force and effect to Breast Cancer Awareness rubber bracelets too.  

And perhaps to houses as well.  We have not yet put our home on the market, which has lent a somewhat relaxed vibe to our move.  Between the time the movers left our new digs Saturday afternoon until the time my head contacted my pillow on Sunday night I had made not less that ten trips "home" for one thing or another.  I am weaning myself off of it slowly I reckon.  One foot in my new world.  One foot out.  

One step up....


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