Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Idle Time....

It has been a really, really busy past few weeks both at work and home.  I have spent even more time than usual in my car.  My fellow drivers shall be relieved to learn - no doubt - that I multi-task while I drive.  When I am not using my Dictaphone or having hands-free telephone conversations, a zillion different thoughts are racing through my mind.  Here are some of them that have occupied the space between my ears at one time or another over the course of the past several days. 

If this image neither moves you nor brings a catch to your throat, then volunteer for one of Richard Branson's space rides to another planet.  I for one would prefer not to share any of Earth's prime real estate with you any longer

One of my best days of the year - each and every year - is the Tunnel to Towers Run through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and into Lower Manhattan.  The race ends at the new World Trade Center.  September 29, 2013 cannot get here soon enough.  

I do not pay much attention to NBA Basketball.  I simply am not a fan.  However, I could not help but notice that in less time than it took the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks to play two games of their playoff series - with both games being played in Indiana - the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals played the final three games of their NHL playoff series....and did so while traveling from Washington, DC to New York and then back to Washington, DC.  In case you were watching 2 Broke Girls on Monday night and missed Game 7, allow me to bring you up to speed

Not too very long after the game ended on Monday night I chatted via the magic of social networking with Laura Stout - a stalwart member of one of the finest families I have ever had the privilege of knowing, a devout Caps fan and the younger sister of David Stout who died tragically in late March.  Laura's message was succinct and beautiful.  While she was sad that the team she roots for had lost, the win by the Rangers gave her a moment's smile as she thought of David.  He was a passionate Rangers fan and she imagined him sitting somewhere watching the seconds count down and smiling.  

Her observation made me smile because I immediately thought Monday night - as I do at the end of every Rangers playoff series - of Dad.  It was my father's passion for Rangers hockey that permitted it to become such an important part of my life at an early age.  David Stout was always one of my father's favorites.  I replied to Laura by telling her that I pictured Dad sitting right there with David, basking in the win.  Not a bad visual picture to paint.  Not bad at all.  

I do not run across Rob's on-line ruminations too often.  Either he has few of them or my lack of attention to detail prevents me from processing them.  Early Tuesday morning though I saw one that woke up the echoes of a great night for a lifetime ago.  When Rob and Suzanne were very little, they were enormous Rod Stewart fans.  So much so that I made sure I carried Rod Stewart cassettes in my car for them to listen to on long trips.  It is a memory I cherish.

I also cherish the memory of having taken them when they were not much more than six and seven years old to see Rod Stewart at Continwntal Arena.  Margaret and I got our share of askance glances that evening for sure.  The kids had a great time.  Me too.  I had feared that over the course of the past two decades their recollection of that evening had
faded.  I was pleased to learn that it had not.


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