Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bound for Heaven on a Gyroscope

- Bruce Springsteen

Hope.  It is a damn powerful thing.  It is an elixir for fools everywhere.  It all depends on one's perspective I suppose.  Either way you look it, you are right.  And you are wrong too.  Hope is akin to beauty.  Its charms are revealed solely through the eye of the one who beholds it.  

There is a 50/50 chance that day's end shall bring with it the end of the 2013 season for my beloved New York Rangers.  A season consigned to the dustbin of history as yet another one that has ended in disappointment.  Disappointment is a hallmark of us Rangers fans.  If you are a Rangers fan who is seventy-two years old or younger, then you have borne witness to only one Stanley Cups in your lifetime.  If you are a Rangers fan who is eighty years old or younger, then you have lived long enough to see just two Stanley Cups.  Rooting for the Blueshirts is easy - so long as you accept as true that more often than not they are going to break your heart.  

This evening in a Best-of-Seven Series in which they trail 3 victories to 1, the Rangers shall enter the unfriendly confines of Boston Garden and attempt to stave off elimination.  Will they do it?  I know not.  I know simply that they are here today because in Game Four on Thursday night at MSG they rallied from a 2-0 second period hole to force overtime.  And in the overtime session, with their season very much in jeopardy, Rick Nash and young Chris Kreider delivered more than just a little bit of May magic....

Hope may indeed be this fool's elixir.  But for one more day, at least, the quest for the eternal spring continues.  For as long as one can locate the eternal spring, summer's start remains always a day away. 


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