Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big Valley....

Four years ago this date on the calendar fell on a Friday - not a Wednesday.  I know that because it is a date that is emblazoned in my mind's eye not simply for present purposes but for always. 

At the end of 2008, I made a decision regarding my career in which I was very confident.  However upon putting the dream into action in early February 2009, my seemingly great decision turned out to be a very poor one.  I came dangerously close to destroying my family and myself.  I managed in one fell swoop (Is there any other kind?) to wreak havoc not only within the four walls of my home but within my own skin too.

In an hour of boundless darkness, a lifeline was thrown towards me.  Truth be told, it was a lifeline, which at either end one found a party thrilled to be holding onto it.  What had been torn asunder was no longer so.  I would not pretend to know whether peace returned to the valley for I know neither the demographics of the valley nor its geo-political situation.  I do know that peace returned to a place where there had been none for close to four months:  my head.  

Four years ago today, Peace was a good thing.  Today, it remains so.  


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