Friday, May 3, 2013

A Ripple in Time....

Today had all the earmarks of being a "Punch Someone Hard in the Larynx" Friday.  For the past few weeks at work I have been close to drowning.  As a good rule of thumb when as a litigator you work seventy-plus hours a week and find yourself straining to stay abreast of the important comings and goings in your cases, then you are putting in an honest day's work.  In a world far more perfect than the one I occupy - and far more perfect than yours as well - the aforementioned strain would not be made greater by the insolence of one other particular human being.    
At some point today - given my inability (OK unwillingness) to tamp down the bile heading upward - shit and the fan may reach their inevitable point of intersection.  I am a cynic therefore I shall not hold my breath or allow myself to hope that Einstein's maxim is on the list of required reading for the good people charged with the duty and responsibility of having to make decisions that impact the lives of those of us at the Firm.    
I digress.....
Today is not a "Punch Someone Hard in the Larynx" Friday because more serious business commands my attention.  This morning, the Pascuiti family shall bid farewell to a rather extraordinary man, James Pascuiti.   Sixty-six years young, he died last Friday in his bed at a hospital in New York City surrounded by his family.   I had the pleasure of knowing him professionally.  He was a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.  I utilized his services as a Vocational and Employability Expert on behalf of a number of clients over the past decade or so.  During that time I never encountered anyone - including an adversary or his/her client who Mr. Pascuiti interviewed and evaluated on my behalf - who had a negative thing to say about him. 
When he was a teenager he suffered a spinal cord injury while playing football.  In spite of being confined to a wheelchair for the final five decades of his life, he remained perpetually upbeat.  My partner Alan looked forward to seeing him and having a cocktail with him in Manhattan during the Big East Basketball Tournament every March.  His achievements went far and beyond his success as a forensic expert.  If you - or someone you love - has a physical disability, which disability does not prevent you from going to Yankee Stadium to watch the Bombers in action and you are impressed with the access that fans with disabilities have in the Stadium, then you have Jim Pascuiti to thank.  He was the lead plaintiff in a Federal lawsuit filed in New York against the Yankees and the City of New York, the resolution of which resulted in improved access at the Stadium for disabled fans. 
A good man has died.  A family celebrates his life.  A family mourns its loss.  Unhappy business multi-tasking sometimes is....

....and it makes us grateful to be here with someone we like who maketh our spirit to shine.


(Do yourself this favor - even if you skip right over the prattle written here today click on the link for the Warren Zevon song and listen to it once or twice - in a quiet place, by yourself and (if doing so shall not endanger your welfare or that of others) with your eyes closed.  You shall be glad you did.  Promise.)

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