Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Race for Justice

In this space yesterday I wrote about a great American event, the 117th Boston Marathon.  It was not my intention to use this space today to write about it again.  The best-laid plans of mice and men I suppose.

For reasons that remain far less than crystal clear to me as I write this, at or about 3:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon multiple explosions occurred in the immediate vicinity of the finish line area at the Marathon.   The race clock at the finish line showed that the explosions occurred roughly four hours and nine minutes into the race.  At approximately 4:25 p.m. yesterday Pierre Thomas of ABC News reported that United States Department of Justice officials had confirmed that the explosions were in fact bombings and were the result of the detonation of multiple, portable devices such as backpack bombs or package bombs.   Media sources gave varying information regarding the number of casualties.  As of 4:30 p.m. yesterday the New York Post was citing "unnamed federal law enforcement sources" having reported at least twelve dead and at least fifty other people injured.  Mercifully, although the Post's web site continued to cite those unnamed sources all night and continued to report that at least one dozen people had been killed, by this morning it appeared as if the Post's information was erroneous.  ESPN reported a lesser number of casualties on its website as did essentially every other media outlet whose site I read.    The varying estimates notwithstanding, all can agree that once the number went above "Zero", it ceased to be acceptable.   

My thoughts and best wishes go out - as do yours as well - to the families and loved ones of all those injured, killed and otherwise affected by this latest episode of self-created insanity.  What occurred in Boston  yesterday afternoon saddens me immensely.  

Yet, it makes me significantly more angry than it does sad.  It makes me angry because almost immediately after thinking about those who reportedly were closest to the blasts - the families and supporters of the "Every-man" runners  (runners like me and pretty much every runner I know) - and consequently were in harm's way, I thought of Margaret.  My wife is not a runner.  Yet far more often than not she accompanies me to the events in which I run.  When she does so, she spends most of the event's duration in the immediate proximity of the finish line.  The thought of some fucking coward doing something designed to injure her makes my blood boil.  

May those responsible for this latest atrocity be held to account for their crimes.  May those whose families - and lives - have been assailed and assaulted by the actions of others find a bit of peace and a bit of comfort and do so soon.  May dawn come quickly for the victims of this terrorist act and erase the vestiges of this dark hour into which they now find themselves immersed.  And may dawn never come at all for the murderous bastard or bastards who perpetrated this attack.   

Presently, a more satisfactory definition of Justice escapes me.  And truth be told, it might well be a couple of days before I seek one.


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