Monday, April 8, 2013

Rapid Returns....

Yeah and it's over before you know it
It all goes by so fast
Yeah, the bad nights last forever
And the good nights don't ever seem to last....
....and this morning the Texas Tornado is skyward yet again.  The weekend she spent here in her once and future home state went pretty much as I figured it would, which is to say that I saw more of her on the car ride from Newark Airport than I did the remainder of her stay.  She and the Missus spent most of the time that she was in the jurisdiction doing wedding-related stuff, which both of them realized months ago is yet another thing for which I have zero affinity.   The great American philosophizing gunfighter Josey Wales once counseled, "A man has got to know his limitations."  What he preached, I practice.  Daily.

As I understand it, Suz shall be home again in mid-May.  While this trip's focal point was her cousin Nicole's bridal shower, the May adventure's highlight shall be Suzanne's bridal shower.  All I know about it - other than its location - is that it is an event at which my attendance is neither welcomed nor required.  How can it not be a success? 

Margaret will spend the next several days moping around a bit - going through Suzanne withdrawal - but her spirits will no doubt be buoyed by the knowledge that over the next several months we are going to be seeing her a lot - relatively speaking.  I enjoyed the debriefings I received as to their daily adventures this past weekend and am looking forward already to the next installment.  Till then....

....we shall allow the eyes of Texas to keep her company for a while.


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